Robin Thicke Maintains Marriage with Lots of Sex

As if there was any question to how sexy and seductive Robin Thicke and his blue eyes are, the soul man gives females even more reason to be jealous of his wife, Paula Patton. With Hollywood divorces happening all the time (a la Demi & Ashton and Kim & Kris), Thicke and Patton have worked against those odds for a successful five-year marriage. But what has been key? Sex!

“It’s the only way to keep everything on par,” Thicke told US Weekly at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

“My wife is an actress, a mother, and a wife and I am a husband, a father and a singer so we haven’t seen each other a lot the past couple of weeks,” he continued. “We won’t see each other a lot until Christmas and it’s very difficult, but the only thing that gets us by is having great sex together. There is never enough [sex]. When it does happen, it goes on for hours.”

Thicke makes it no secret of the hot sensual the couple share, as seen in his latest video “Love After War,” starring his ‘Mission Impossible’ wife.

The single is lifted from his forthcoming album, ‘Love After War,’ which is coming out on December 6th. For the album, Thicke turned to Patton for inspiration once again, as he did for his past music.

“Once you see what a woman goes through having a baby, you know what real compassion, understanding, patience is all about, so that’s absolutely what the album is about,” he said.

However, even though the couple love their one-year-old son, Julian, they have no plans to have another child anytime soon despite all that chemistry in the bedroom.

“It’s not something we are planning on doing,” the R&B star told reporters Sunday. “I think anybody who has two babies…God bless you!”