Goapele Gives Relationship Advice: ‘The Truth Always Comes Out’

Setting the perfect example of being honest in her own relationship, Soul/R&B singer Goapele is sharing some of her experiences. The “First Love” hitmaker, who recently released a new album dubbed ‘Break of Dawn,’ says honesty is the key to winning anyone’s heart.

“When you’re getting to know someone that you can see yourself taking it further with, you should let [him or her] know who you are,” Goapele told Juicy magazine for their December/January issue now on newsstands. “Be honest. Period. The truth always comes out at some point. It’s just better for people to know what they’re getting into firsthand.”

This sense of honesty doesn’t mean bringing unwanted baggage into a new relationship Goapele says. She insists people should use their own good judgment when being open to the person they’re courting.

“But at the same time, don’t weigh them down with your past issues. Reflect on getting to know each other versus [unpacking] baggage,” she says. “I’m not someone who can be very secretive. It’s obvious if I’m holding something back. I’m always expressing my thoughts and emotions. I definitely value the same from my man and expect it in return. I don’t really think there’s such a thing as revealing too much too soon.”

She continues: “Whatever works in one relationship doesn’t mean it will work in another one. In a relationship, you and your partner should make your own rules. It’s important for you all to be accountable to each other and [not burdened with] what other people think.”

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