The-Dream Announces ‘Love IV’ Release Date & More Albums

R&B singer/songwriter/producer The Dream has made it clear that he has a lot of music that he wants to share with the world. Earlier this summer he released a free album ‘1977,’ while he finished up his fourth studio album ‘Love IV: Diary of A Madman.’

Now with the project completed, the platinum-selling artist took to his official Twitter account to reveal the release date for his highly anticipated album, which will be March 20, 2012.

After announcing the date, The Dream continued to unveil his plans to flood the market with his music. His goal is to release ‘Love IV: Diary of A Madman,’ and then follow it up with the fifth studio album of the “Love” series, as well as two free projects – ‘1984’ and ‘Nikki.’ To wrap up 2012, Dream hopes to do a movie with rapper Big Sean, with the inclusion of a soundtrack too.

Currently, his fifth studio album is currently titled ‘Love V,’ though he did mention that he has a concept for the project and will begin recording in March.

Are you ready for more The-Dream in 2012?