EXCLUSIVE: Sammie Likes Females Who Are Givers and Fearless With Their Goals

After a short hiatus of finding himself, his music and working out some new business ventures, R&B crooner Sammie is back on the scene with a new attitude and new single.

On his new record, the 24-year-old teams with Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz for the club ready “Getting’ Em,” a song that he says “talks about being inside a club with your homies, and you’re all poppin’ bottles and having a good time. At the end of the night, you meet something pretty and you’re getting ’em.”

Unlike the implications of “Getting’ Em,” we’re sure Sammie isn’t in the club poppin’ bottles every night. The ‘I Like It” hitmaker, who’s “been seeing someone,” says he’s at a point in his life where he would rather “take [his] girl out to LA and shop, opposed to being with [his] homies and doing it because I’ve done this for so long.”

For those ladies looking to get at Sammie for a free shopping spree, it won’t be that easy. To win his heart, you must also be a giver with the “little things” at the top of your list.

“I think females have to give back too. I’m a southern boy, and my grandmother is very nurturing, as is my mother,” Sammie tells Singersroom. “So they just have to nurture us; do that whole cooking and fixing a plate. I appreciate that more than any gift you can buy me. Not every time, but fold my clothes just because. It’s just catering to your man, and making him feel special goes a long way for me. It’s just the little things. I appreciate the really small things over the big things overall. That’s what I like – a domesticating woman.”

The “little things” will only get you so far though. A life with Sammie means you have to be independent along with being dependent.

“The biggest turn-on is God-fearing and a woman that has ambition. I love a girl that just wants to take over the world, because I feel like the world is ours in our fingertips, but we just don’t take the necessary steps to conquer it,” Sammie tells us. “I like when I meet a female that just has so many goals, dreams and aspirations, but she’s working on making those dreams become reality. That’s the sexy trait to me. Because me being a Pisces, I’m a dreamer, and me being an artist, nothing is guaranteed out here in the music industry we live in. You can be hot tomorrow, or you may not be. So any girl that lives life on the edge and is fearless and has faith and will just jump, I love that.

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