EXCLUSIVE: Keri Hilson Talks Profile Pictures and Not Mixing Business With Pleasure

R&B singer Keri Hilson may have taken a lot of heat for being too provocative in her music video for the Rick Ross assisted single “The Way You Love Me,” but besides that she has been consistent in not conveying the wrong message. The same goes for how she showcases herself online via social networks or wherever and she wants young ladies to understand the ramifications of presenting the wrong images.

“If I were talking to young girls about the whole Facebook thing, about profile pictures and whatever, I would say…to a lot of people that profile picture is who you are and be careful about the message that you send,” Hilson tells Singersroom. Even mine isn’t sexy; I’m a grown woman and I could if I wanted to. I’m in a onesy zipped all the way up with a hood up, you know, I think it’s important to be careful about the message that you send.

Hilson admits to having those “moments” where she felt that the image she portrayed was based on her feeling, but says she is very “careful.”

“I’m not saying that I don’t have those days or those videos or those pictures, where in that moment in time I felt that way but for the most part I’m very careful…I think it’s mort important that you’re confident,” Hilson says.

As far as the momentary messages that she gives off, Hilson says the buck stops there, insisting she never mixes business with pleasure.

“My business is pleasure, being in the studio, writing, performing, being on a stage, traveling, my business is pleasure and that’s the only way I mix business with pleasure,” she adds. “Other than that, if you [are] talking about men…nope…never have, probably never will.”


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