EXCLUSIVE: Sammie Talks ‘Out of Element’ New Single ‘Gettin’ Em’

R&B singer Sammie is ready to be “Gettin’ Em” with his brand new single featuring ATL rapper 2 Chainz.

News of the single came from Sammie as he posted on his official Twitter page that he would be making his official comeback on Monday, October 24th. In an exclusive interview with Singersroom, Sammie revealed detailed tidbits about the new track.

“The record is entitled ‘Gettin’ Em.’ It’s a club record. I love it because it’s so out of my element, so different from what my fans expect from Sammie. I’m a crooner, and it’s a given. So this time I wanted to push the envelope and just take it to another level,” Sammie tells Singersroom of his new single.

“So the song just talks about being inside a club with your homies, and you’re all poppin’ bottles and having a good time. At the end of the night, you meet something pretty and you’re getting ’em.”

News of his new single comes after the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” singer went on a Twitter hiatus for a couple of months. During his time away, Sammie spent time perfecting his craft and preparing two new projects due at the top of 2012, with producers Troy Taylor and Ezekiel Lewis executive producing his project.

Since embarking on his own business venture with his own entertainment company, Star Camp, Sammie has also joined forces with Troy Taylor’s “The Bar Music Group’ imprint on his new efforts.

Not only did Sammie co-write “Gettin’ Em,” he also made sure to recruit rising star 2 Chainz to drop 16 bars on it to complete the “ATL vibe.”

“I got 2 Chainz on it,” Sammie reveals. “I love 2 Chainz, and I feel like being in ATL… He’s not up-and-coming; he’s been around for a minute, but he’s finally getting that shine that I feel that he’s been deserved. To get that street appeal and that ATL vibe, I had to go to 2 Chainz for it.”

He continues, “It’s a club record, it’s a lot of fun, and I really think the people will appreciate it. I think it’s definitely going to do well in the clubs. This is for the DJs. This is for bringing fun back to R&B. And like I said, it’s so different for me. I think that’s why I’m so excited about it.”

Sammie’s “Gettin’ Em” will officially be released on Monday, October 24th, as a teaser to a new EP and new album due out in 2012.

Stay tuned for the rest of Singersroom’s exclusive interview with Sammie about his current label situation, his future plans, and his love life.