JoJo Says Album Delay ‘Was Very frustrating,’ Thought About Not Recording Music

It has been over six years since fans have heard from the young vocal powerhouse, JoJo. After the release of her sophomore album ‘The High Road’ in 2006, the “Leave (Get Out)” singer faced record label problems, which prevented her third album from dropping. Despite all the work and time spent onn the project, legality issues prevented her from releasing music to her fans.

“It was very frustrating. For a while I felt like, why am I continuing to go into the studio constantly if it’s never going to be released? It was a very frustrating, stagnant place,” JoJo reveals to The Insider. “I got discouraged at some points, but I just kept believing in what we kept trying to make happen and what I’ve been working my whole life towards. I was able to release music less through less nontraditional means, but I had to find a way to stay creative and express myself in spite of the legalities.”

Now, in 2011, JoJo has reemerged into the spotlight with her new single “Disaster” off of her third studio album, ‘Jumping Trains’ due out in early 2012. On this project, JoJo strays away from the “traditional pop record” much like her first two projects, and instead, created something she actually personally related to.

JoJo explains, “I put out my first album when I was 12. ‘Leave, Get Out’ came out when I was 13 and I didn’t have my first kiss until I was almost 15, so I just had no idea what I was talking about! [laughs] On this album, everything is from personal experience, from real conversations that I’ve had and from things I’ve soaked up. I wanted to be painfully honest…. What I’m talking about is coming from my absolute truth and everything I’ve been through.”

And she does mean exactly everything she’s been through. From the age of 13 to the age of 20, the album reflects on all the experiences that JoJo went through as a high school teenager, including dating and love. JoJo takes all these experiences and shares it with her fans, despite at the expense of some of her exes.

“I kind of snapped on this album,” JoJo says. “I think that everyone has their outlet — some people release their emotions by writing in a journal or getting in the boxing ring. I like to write and perform and emote in that way. I’m really lucky to have that kind of release. And if people want to get mad at me for being painfully honest, then don’t date a songwriter.”