Miguel Talks Beef with Lloyd, Says He Apologized But Stood His Ground

Earlier this summer, Twitter was set ablaze after R&B singer Miguel made a comment about his peer Lloyd’s haircut, while the “Cupid” singer was visiting BET. He tweeted, “Imitation Is The Highest Form Of Flattery. Shout To Lloyd.”

After the beef escalated, Miguel apologized, insisting Twitter was not the best place to voice his frustrations but says he maintains his opinion on the matter.

Speaking to Global Grind, Miguel says the squabble wasn’t fit for a fight but he confronted Lloyd to make his point clear.

“Nah nah, let’s get it straight forreal once and for all! I went to his room on my own, by myself,” says Miguel. “I don’t walk with security, I don’t travel with security. I went to his room by myself and confronted him, it was no confronting me, let’s let make sure that that’s straight.”

He continues: “I mean I went there to tell him as a man that I stand by what I say, but at the same time I knew that it was inappropriate in the place that was said.”

“And as a man I can look at my faults and be like okay, Twitter is not the best place to voice opinions like that and I apologized for that but if you listen to the recording you can hear me say even though that’s my opinion and I stand by my opinion I know that it was the wrong time to express, to say that especially on Twitter.”


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