A Misunderstanding Gets Tyrese Kicked Off Radio Show

Singer and actor Tyrese Gibson continues to promote his upcoming album, but recently ran into a bit of controversy while visiting a local radio station. According to Tyrese, he was discussing his album and single with the radio hosts when he casually mentioned that he noticed a liquor store near a school. The actor was quoted by TMZ saying, “So I’m talking about my album, talking about my video, whatever. Then I transition into saying: ‘Hey man, before I go any further, I went to this school, boom boom boom. Alcohol was across the street.'”

“I was just addressing it and speaking about it while I was on the air. I went on and on and on about this because I really got a problem with it.”

Tyrese goes on to document how during a commercial break, the radio personality was “cursed at” by the show’s producers for allowing the singer to rant about the liqour store. TMZ reports Tyrese explaining that, “I was like, what’s the problem? [The host said the producer’s] he’s got a problem with [me] talking about alcohol on the radio.” He adds, “I was like it’s cool man, I’m almost done. Let me just go in and wrap this up and I’ma roll out. The man said, ‘You can’t go back on air, you’ve gotta leave.'”

Wow! After that Tyrese went on to inform Twitter of his outrage at the incident and the clear misunderstanding on the side of the producers. Were the producers of the radio show justified in kicking Tyrese out or were they over-reacting?


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