Miguel Lands Second #1 Hit on R&B Chart

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After his introduction to fans with the hit single “All I Want Is You,” R&B singer Miguel has returned to the top of the R&B chart with #1 record “Quickie.”

“‘Quickie’ is a really special record for me because it marks my personal renaissance. Up until then, I was known as the great guy, the little brother that girls would come to for advice,” Miguel explains.

For the R&B newcomer,l the inspiration for “Quickie came when “there was something about that night-maybe it was because I was underage at an over-21 venue doing adult things-that opened me up. I went home under the influence of alcohol and inspiration and I wrote.”

As the songs from his debut spin on the radio, Miguel has returned to the studio to prepare for his sophomore album. In addition to launching a new album, Miguel, who is known for pushing the style button, has plans to launch his own clothing line.

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