EXCLUSIVE: Mindless Behavior Talks Staying Together, Sacrificing For Debut Album, More

Teen R&B group Mindless Behavior recently released their debut album ‘#1 Girl.’ Singersroom caught up with the group in New York city and members Prodigy, Roc Royal, Ray Ray and Princeton, who brought us the hot singles “My Girl” and “Mrs. Right,” opened up about the new project.

“There was a lot of sacrifice,” group member Princeton tells Singersroom. “Late hours in the studio after doing hours of homework and other things that we had to do but we knew that if we put in the hard work now that the fans are gonna put their hard work into buying it, coming to the in stores; just supporting us.”

Mindless Behavior has toured with Janet Jackson, as her only opening act, and Justin Bieber, insisting they have received great advice from both stars.

“We had a lot of fun on those tours, both tours were different…both [artist] are very humble. Janet Jackson gave us good advice, Bieber gave us advice,” says Ray Ray. “For us as a group, we love it. It’s amazing, trying different food…me and Princeton love to shop, me and Roc love roller coasters so to go to new places…it’s really fun.”

In a time where R&B group seems to be obsolete, Mindless Behavior says they have the right formula for longevity; starting young together.

Princeton adds: “Our managers at Conjunction always tell us ‘if you guys start young together then when you guys grow up, mentally you guys are gonna love each other, support each other, have each other’s back.’ We don’t really know the outcome of what it’s gonna be but we know that if we stick together it’s gonna be very successful.”

Mindless Behavior’s ‘#1 Girl’ in stores and online now!


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