Naturi Naughton Talks Landing Playboy Club Role, Puts Music on Back Burner

In less than two weeks, former 3LW member Naturi Naughton will premiere her new role in the new TV show The Playboy Club.

Naughton, who has done several films since splitting from her former R&B group, says landing the role of Bunny Brenda was not an easy task but she put up a fight for it.

“I went in for this role multiple times. I auditioned for Imagine TV. I screen tested for Fox, who is producing it and I auditioned and screen tested for NBC, which is our network,” Naughton tells “It was a total of about four call backs and every time I was excited to go in and just prove that I could bring Bunny Brenda to life. I sang at my audition as well. I actually sang a Nat King Cole song, “When I Fall in Love” and I also did three scenes. I loved the process. I felt like I worked hard for it and at the end of the day it’s so much more rewarding when things don’t always come easy.”

Explaining the research she did to prepare for the role, Naturi adds: “Most of my preparation for this role was research, so not much physical preparation, but mentally preparing myself, you know, going back into time especially when doing a period piece like this, a show that takes place in 1961 and also being one of the first black bunnies. So I read a lot. I actually watched a documentary called The Bunny Years …I read the book 50 Years of the Playboy Bunny, which was awesome. I researched Hugh Hefner and how much he was such a progressive, rebellious man at the time by integrating the Playboy Club.”

With The Playboy Club and upcoming films Highland Park and Wolverine, it seems Naughton will have no time to record music and she somewhat agrees.

“I definitely want to do a solo project. I’m just focusing right now. I’m really the type of person who likes to master a trade instead of being a jack of all trades,” she says. “With the show I’m grateful that I get to include my singing talents, which is heaven sent to me because there are not that many opportunities where you get to sing, act and dance.”

The Playboy Club premieres September 19.


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