Jennifer Hudson Addresses Twitter Beef, Weight Loss/Liposuction Rumors

Jennifer Hudson is definitely not sorry for addressing a Twitter user recently. The Grammy winner, who scolded the aggressive user for sending her disrespectful messages about her weight lost regiment and her fiancé’s sexual orientation, says she deserves respect.

“Somewhere along the way people forgot that I am from Chicago but it’s not even that. To me, when you know it’s me on there, because I sit and I talk to my fans all the time, so you know you talking to me and I feel as though don’t say nothing to me on Twitter that you not gonna say in my face in person,” Hudson told Chicago’s Morning Riot radio show.

She continues: “Somewhere along the lines people think they can just talk to celebrities any kind of way. Where people too and just the same way you want your respect, we want ours.”

Hudson also addressed rumors about undergoing liposuction instead of losing the weight naturally, insisting she can’t understand why people are making it negative.

“That’s another reason why I got frustrated is because I’m out here trying to put out a positive message, I know I’ve done this naturally and I don’t appreciate you undoing what I’ve done and trying to make it negative,’ Hudson says.

Listen to the full audio here.


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