Rahsaan Patterson Critiques Soul Music Today: ‘The Level of Talent with Singers and Performers Has Diminished’

Anyone that knows the level of talent, passion and honesty of singer-songwriter Rahsaan Patterson knows that he is not one to hold his tongue. In a Singersroom exclusive with the soul star, he revealed how today’s soul and R&B genres are suffering. His take on the current state of music has some sting to it but ultimately comes from a very truthful place.

When asked how he has seen the music industry evolve throughout the years, Rahsaan poignantly responded, “I have seen that the level of talent with singers and performers has diminished. Also the level of pretense that exudes from a lot of these performers today is really nauseating. That’s not to say that the great artists of our time don’t have an ounce of talent, because I believe that there’s a certain level of talent needed to succeed as a performer.”

He goes on to add, “However with former artists, at their core was depth, true talent, spirit and a destination that they were trying to assist everyone else in getting to. Now it’s just like look at me, and when you look at them you have to ask what are they communicating musically and spiritually that’s making your heart, soul and spirit evolve. Not to say that there aren’t one or two artists out there doing that right now but as far as mainstream goes it’s all flashy, pretentious, look at me sh*t.”

Rahsaan assures that his painfully honest critique is only to help the genre that he loves so much and not to tear others down. He stated, “It’s unfortunate that we have to separate the level of soul singers who once were and those who make music today.”

No one can deny Rahsaan Patterson’s love for what he does, but do you agree with his assessment of the status of soul and R&B – too critical or right on the mark?


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