Is Rocawear Moving From Urban to Mainstream?

Always one to switch it up, rap mogul Jay-Z attempts to do it again. Reminiscent of the line “change clothes” Rocawear recently launched a new advertising campaign entitled “That’s Rocawear”. The campaign places an emphasis on the consistent evolving brand. One would assume that this is an indirect attempt to shy away from the title of street or urban wear and extend their arms to every culture. Rocawear seems to be tiptoeing over to mainstream, but still maintaining their urban sense.

If anything the campaign is mainstream, in that it showcases a variety of viral videos including artists not necessarily linked to hip-hop, thus the evolving notion. With artists including Taylor McFerrin, Kendrick Lamar, the Les Twins and new Internet sensation Karmin, brand maturity is evident. “That’s Rocawear” is a pure celebration of the evolution of hip-hop culture. Established since 1999, Rocawear is clearly telling you that they refuse to be stagnant in hip-hop culture. Like it or not, they will continue to keep it moving.

The phrase “That’s Rocawear” is assuring you that the brand is not inclusive to the urban community. While the clothing is still engulfed in an urban sense, its safe to say that it slightly skims mainstream. The usual hoodies, graphic tees, and button-ups are present with a sprinkle of new tapered jeans, cargo pants, and accessories for the ladies. Karmin rocks the Playful Delight Hoodie, in the first video of the series ‘That’s Rocawear” where she bellows her rendition of “Encore”. It is apparent that Rocawear welcomes all.

As the world turns, cleary so does Rocawear. They are determined to keep hip-hop relevant and keep you loyal!

Catch a glimpse of “That’s Rocawear” below as Karmin and Nick Noonan harmonize to bring you an original song entitled Carbon Copy along with Jay-Z’s Encore:

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