[EXCLUSIVE] Lloyd Talks Favorite Collaboration, Having No Reservation and ‘Naked’ Video

Fresh off the release of his newest album ‘King of Hearts,’ R&B phenomenon Lloyd made it a point to briefly chat with Singersroom. The crooner spoke with us about what people keep him grounded, reservations about using the p-word in ‘Dedication to my Ex (Miss That)’, casting the sexy Kamille Leai in his ‘Naked’ video and even reveals his favorite collaboration on the album.

With ‘King of Hearts’ quickly becoming a fan favorite amongst listeners, Lloyd admits that there is something different about the reactions he’s received surrounding this album while being careful not to take all the credit. He says, “What’s different is the effort that was put into the album on all ends from the production to the vocals to everybody involved. Everyone who was involved gave it all they had. This is pretty much a group album. I can’t really take all the credit for it.” Further discussion about the album revealed Lloyd’s favorite collaboration on ‘King of Hearts’ – “Oh man that’s hard! I think my favorite collaboration would be a toss-up between Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne and Keri Hilson, R. Kelly and K’naan. I just really love the songs that we made together!”

Speaking of his ‘Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)’ track, which sets the record for the most use of the p-word in one song, we asked Lloyd if he had any reservations about releasing such a provocative single. The heartthrob assured us that he has no regrets. “I had no reservations. I think the idea is to let people have an open mind toward music and what can be done. I think the song is really great and once you listen to it you’ll love it! But if it’s too extreme for you then there’s a censored version as well,” he says. Keeping with the theme of provocative music, Singersroom spoke with Lloyd about the sensuality he incorporated in his ‘Naked’ video which featured Kamille Leai aka Hot Wings. “Sometimes less is more. Who knows, we may shoot another version with myself in the video but I really like the way it came out,” he tells us. Lloyd goes on to say that Kamille “is amazing when she’s naked but at the same time, the video was done tastefully.”

Even with having a Top Ten debuting album, a string of hits and the hearts of women worldwide, at times Lloyd still needs to break away from his celebrity and be a normal person. When this happens, he told us he turns to his friends to bring him back to reality, “I turn to my friends who I grew up with. Those are the people who know me best. They give me a sense of realness when I need it.”

As ‘King of Hearts’ continues to win audiences, Lloyd is clearly riding a well-deserved wave of success right now. Kudos!


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