[EXCLUSIVE] Marsha Ambrosius: ‘I’m Responsible For Making Very Sensually Charged Music’

R&B singer and songwriter Marsha Ambrosius is continuing to have a spectacular year since releasing her debut album ‘Late Nights, Early Mornings’ back in March. After making headlines and stirring up a frenzy with her video for “Far Away,” which enforces the acceptance of homosexuality, Marsha has done it again with her latest video for “Late Nights & Early Mornings.” Though the video has led to some more strong reactions, the singer explains to Singersroom that she was simply “stating the obvious” that many of us seem to overlook or forget.

“‘Late Nights & Early Mornings’ is a video that attacks the obvious. It’s something near and dear to me, and I’m responsible for making very sensually charged music. So my only thing is, I would have a million dollars for everyone that told me they would make babies or something off of my music. And I was like, ‘Is no one having protected sex out here?! What the hell?!’ the songstress jokes.

“So I did my video, which states the obvious, like some people don’t know their status. The feedback for the video was like ‘I can’t believe you slept with guy, knowing he had…’ Well what if you didn’t know? Some people are genuinely not conscious of what’s going on with themselves, don’t get checked, don’t get tested. So I was just stating the obvious.”

As for her songwriting, Marsha also takes from real life situations too. “Life gets me going as far as what I want to write about and how I attack the next song,” Marsha says. “There’s too much to be inspired by. I just go with it, and let my pen do the talking.” Most recently, Marsha performed a tribute to Patti LaBelle at the 2011 BET Awards, which she has mentioned to be an inspirational experience.

Currently, she is pegged as an opening act, alongside singer Keyshia Cole, to R&B legend R. Kelly’s “Love Letters” tour to promote her latest project. In the case if there will be any future collaborations with either singers, Marsha definitely won’t call it. She insists that all her past collaborations “just happened organically,” and she’s more interested in where the path of life will take her.