EXCLUSIVE: Joe Says Fans Would Be Disappointed in Euro Pop Sound, Plots Mainstream Album

Veteran R&B singer Joe is set to release his ninth studio album entitled ‘The Good, The Bad, The Sexy’ this coming fall. This project will serve as the follow-up to the crooner’s critically acclaimed album ‘Signature’ after a two-year hiatus. However, fans should expect a different sound from this new LP than the previous.

“This is a very great album, more mainstream,” Joe tells Singersroom exclusively. “Different from ‘Signature’ completely. It’s really more mainstream, and still a mix between mainstream and that classic Joe.”

However, the album won’t be steering too far mainstream, at least not in the direction of some of today’s top R&B artist, who have jumped on the dance/Euro pop sound.

“I wouldn’t say it’s more dancing. My first single, I would say, is more on the dance side. [But] I wouldn’t say dance because when you say dance nowadays, you’re going more European. Usher’s done a few dance records now, and quite a few [other artists] have too. Everyone’s pretty much going that dance route,” the singer explains. “But if it doesn’t fit me or my style, I just think my fans would be utterly disappointed in me going that direction. So I tried to give them something of what they’re used to and something they haven’t heard before just to spark them up a little.”

With hits such as “I Wanna Know” and “Ride Wit You,” the singer has noticed a change in the R&B genre during the last decade. In fact, he believes that more artists are veering further away from the original sound of true rhythm and blues.

“When you say R&B, R&B has pretty much went pop now. There’s really no one defining R&B in these days. Everyone wants to go with the wave… ride the wave,” Joe says. “And I understand it. It’s a struggle out here to continue to do what you do, [which] becomes monotonous to people’s thinking. I can’t really say who is really holding it down like that because it’s a struggle for all of us in the R&B game to deliver good music, remain honest, do what you’re doing, and be successful at it as well.”

But despite feeling displeased with today’s R&B sound, Joe does express his appreciation of artists like Chris Brown and Rihanna. He is especially big fan of Rihanna’s Jamaican style, which he hopes to hear more of soon. “I really wish she would do more of that; it feels like her land and she sounds great doing it,” Joe praises the popstar.

The singer is currently set to release his forthcoming effort on August 30th and start touring during the month of August as well. His latest effort “Closer,” For the T.D. Jakes ‘Sacred Love Songs 2’ album, has peaked at number 50 on the Billboard R&B Hot 100.