Janelle Monae Talks Not ‘Selling Sex’ and Singing ‘Crappy R&B Songs’

Ever since we interviewed her back in 2006 and before becoming a break out artist in the last year, starlet Janelle Monae has been persistent in delivering music without the sexual connotations. Unlike her peers, including Rihanna, Beyonce and Britneys Spears, Monae wants to deliver a different “perspective” but says it’s hard for new artists.

“I think there’s a lack of diversity,” Monae tells UK’s Evening Standard. “People think that we’re all monolithic and it’s hard for young aspiring girls, who don’t necessarily want to sell sex and strictly sing crappy R&B songs. They need to understand there’s a different blueprint that you can create.”

The “Tight Rope” hitmaker eyes starting a new trend, adding “I think it’s absolutely necessary for the balance of the universe that there are other representations and a different perspective of the woman.”


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