Miguel on Gay Artists: I think Everyone Should be Themselves

R&B newcomer Miguel has been all over the charts with hit singles like “All I Want Is You” and “Sure Thing.” Currently on the road promoting his debut album, Miguel recently had to address rumors surrounding his sexual preference, confirming that he is heterosexual.

Defending his fashion style and his “retro super future (electrik),” Miguel voiced his love for women on Kenny Burns’ TKBS stating, “For anyone who questions my sexuality, the honest truth is I love women. I’ve always openly loved women.”

Whether it’s public pressure or album sales, gay artists in urban music find it difficult to come out in public. With New York State recently passing a law for openly gay marriage, Miguel tells us, “Whether or not the public is ready for that…I think everyone should be themselves.”

“If I was a gay artist, being the kind of artist that I Am, I would be at the forefront of that, being that I’m not, what I would say is I do encourage individuality,” Miguel tells Singersroom. “For those gay artists that are out there, I do commend you and applaud your conviction because it does take conviction to embrace yourself, regardless of your personal choices.”


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