Designer Spotlight: Married to the MOB

When you think MOB you think Italians, raw, gritty, uncut, and maybe a group you don’t want to be affiliated with. Fortunately, there maybe a MOB you want to be connected to. Married to the MOB, a New York based company, is a funky clothing line that offers everything different for women. The popular slogan t-shirts with sayings that you might not ever say but you’ve thought it, have been making noise since 2004. Mastermind and founder Leah McSweeney created this line in hopes of giving strong women a voice, and that she did. Offering accessories, sneakers, denim and more, MTTB has put a dent in fashion.

A few among many of her list of affiliates are MCM, Adidas, Fafi, Reebok, and Lacoste. MTTB has linked up with Baby G-shock watches to create a edgy new line of watches for women. Still maintaining a woman’s daintiness, these watches are colorful and petite. McSweeney does what you wouldn’t dare. Lace, cartoons, bikinis, and handbags have taken on a new face. They will never be the same.

McSweeney did not forget about the men as she introduced a line of t-shirts with slogans that are prevalent in some of their vocabulary. Sayings such as “Money over B**ches” and “B**ch better have my Money” are splattered across these t-shirts, sure to make a statement. Taking fashion to the next level, MTTB has us fidgeting in our seats in anticipation of what’s next.

Be edgy. Visit to dive into this gut-wrenching line.
—— By: JournalisticChic


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