Ne-Yo Wants Chris Brown For New Album, Plans All-star Line-Up

Since his last album ‘Libra Scale,” didn’t measure up to his standards in sales, Ne-Yo has been in the label trying to create a masterpiece. Now that the wheels are fully turning on the new project, the “One in a Million” hitmaker reveals that he is planning a star-studded collaborative effort.

“I’ve reached out to new friends, from Busta Rhymes to Drake, to Lil Wayne, to Chris [Brown],” Ne-Yo tells OK! Magazine. “Don’t know exactly what will be on the album yet because we’re still in the process of putting it together.”

A Chris Brown duet will probably be groundbreaking for Ne-Yo, being that the two went through momentary differences in the past.

Ne-Yo also plans to work with Trey Songz, which was evident since the two toured the UK together, as well as T-Pain and “some cool people.”

Speaking about what the new album will sound like, Ne-Yo said: “This album is all about listening to the music and vibing out. Its music that you clean your house to, ride to, that you do your homework to, whatever the case may be. There is a song for the occasion.”

We hope Ne-Yo will be satisfied with the outcome of the new project, since he down played his latest release ‘Libra Scale.’

“It’s just there was so much going on in regards to this album,” says Ne-Yo. “Writing the script, making sure it was good, shooting videos and being too hands on with the director, the artwork and everything.”

Released in November 2010, Ne-Yo admitted the album is his “poorest selling album to date.”

“I just wasn’t paying attention to certain elements in making an album that I normally would. My fans deserve my best.”

What do you guys think about a collaboration with Ne-Yo and Chris Brown?


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