Style For Less: Mara Hruby

Burgeoning singer Mara Hruby seems to be that cool breeze blowing in from the Bay Area. Her style and sound are refreshing yet mature. There is a respect for the past but a glimpse into the future as she poses for a photos. She is vintage with a soothing sound and lovely to look.

Hruby’s inspiration from the past has impacted her fashion sense and artist expression, “My sound is heavily inspired by the 40’s and 50’s and how genuine their music was in that time. I am inspired by soul music and all that it has ever stood for in its evolution. I am also inspired by folk, electronic, and jazz (among other genres). I would call my sound a ‘melodic melting pot’ because I don’t feel I can categorize it as only one thing. Instead of labeling it, I’d rather convey emotions through my music. I want people to say, ‘I love how her music makes me feel’.” Whether it is her music or fashion Mara Hruby is an individual who doesn’t follow trends but set them.

Using our style eye we offer our rendition of Ms. Hruby outfit, our Style for Less.

1- Monsoon | Summer Painted Disc Earrings
$11 –

2- Striking Polka Dot Blouse at ShopNational

3 РEst̩e Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss
$20 –

4 – Vintage Nomadic Style Skirt
$50 –

5 – A Reason to Rise Necklace
$28 –

6 – Foil Tear Cocktail Ring
$28 –

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