INTERNATIONAL: Shakira Empowers Women Through Her Music and Experiences

At the 2011 Festival Mawazine in Rabat, Morocco, Shakira, who was born in Colombia and has Syrian ancestry, encouraged the women of Morocco by saying, “Women should follow their dreams and believe in themselves.”

This speaks volumes for the Islamic women that have faced oppression. Her performance was liberating for not only the women of Morocco but also for the men. Who would ever think dance could bring so much freedom and hope to people?

Along with empowering women, Shakira has no shame bolstering her vulnerability; something she does in her relationships.

It is no secret that the beginning of a relationship is what people call the “honey mooning period.” It’s the time when everything seems to be great, you rarely notice your partner’s flaws and you’re constantly having the case of the butterflies when you kiss, touch or even hug.

It seems Shakira has a case of the honeymoon fever for boyfriend and soccer star Antonio de La Rua. A reporter asked Shakira during her Mawazine Festival press conference what vitamins she took to enable her to perform with such energy. Shakira, who closed the festival on Saturday night, says “I use the vitamins of love and when you are happy you have the energy for anything.”

It seems after La Rua’s soccer win on the same night of Shakira’s over-crowded performance, he may have scored another goal and she probably loved the vitamins.


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