Fashion: Malikha Mallette’s Trendy TellTales

While we can always depend on big name celebrities to provide us with trendy fashions, we never seem to look to the local well known faces. Malikha Mallette is one of those faces. Don’t know her? Well let’s get the introduction started. As the daytime voice of New York’s radio station Power 105.1, Mallette takes charge of our listening ears with ease. For years she has charmed us with her personality on air. Luckily, the radio isn’t the only place you can hear her. Those 30-second intervals between our favorite shows commonly known as commercials, are laced with Mallette’s voice overs. From the likes of Pantene to CoverGirl to Walmart to McDonalds, she has tickled our ears without us knowing. As an added plus, she is also an actress who has appeared in many independent films.

As we gave credit to all her endeavors, we didn’t overlook her radiant smile and undeniable sense of style. Maintaining Malikha’s way of fabulosity isn’t always secluded to following trends. Though aware, she is an advocate of allowing clothing to work for you. Being comfortable in your style is the underlying theme to Mallette’s fashion madness. Her no-fuss attitude when it comes to fitting rooms and crowds leave her with only one option…simplicity. This method has allowed her to never be left behind.

“I have staples in my closet that never go out of style. Trends are sometimes extreme, I stay in the middle and always flow, never to go off the deep end,” said Mallette.

As a Queens native, she admires the many variations of fashion in New York. The chameleon skin that NY breeds is one to admire. Unfortunately, with the hectic schedule of auditions, (where you are mostly told what to wear) and four hours shifts behind a microphone and under headsets, showcasing your fashion sense may be hard to come by. Mallette, however never loses her style, but keeps her comfortable, simplistic mindset in tow. She embodies the chameleon characteristics when its time to switch from day to evening attire. Never one to miss out on bringing in a moment, she fully flaunts her style at events and with friends on weekend hours.

“I usually change the bottom half and keep the top. I accessorize and do a dramatic makeup change,” said Mallette.

As spring rolled its way in, so did Mallette’s color palette. Formerly a neutral lover, she switched gears this year and opted for brightness. Fuchsia, a version of hot pink, set the tone for her this season and will likely steer her down color’s lane this summer. For starters, a wall in her home will be doused with pink.

“I told my stylist to give me color,” grinned Mallette.

As she daily walks the bustling blocks of New York city, she marvels at the different people and styles. Surveying shoes and even taking pictures of them is not uncommon. Trends today are prevalent and ever-changing but as trends continue its cycle of mirroring past decades, fashion starts to be labeled as predictable. This leaves the future of fashion under question. What will fashion in the year 2020 be like?

“Fashion is a form of self-expression and is starting at a younger age. What has become the norm has already shifted. In the year 2020, fashion will be bolder and riskier, that’s what I foresee,” Mallette critiqued.

Although she’s coined her own style, she still attributes celebrities such as Rhianna, the Internet, her personal shopper, and what she sees daily, to her look. Mallette frowns at the idea of being a label whore but acknowledges her taste for quality and her choice. It is clear that confidence resonates through her appearance.

“I care about quality and what I like, I’m piecing my outfit together,” said Mallette.

Mallette shared five lanes in her comfort zone:

Maxi dresses. “I love maxi dresses, I’ll find any excuse to wear them,” admits Mallette.
Big hoop earrings. “It’s the New York in me,” boasts Mallette.
Denim Jeans. “You can dress them up or down,” said Mallette.
Sexy Flats. “I’m a quintessential New Yorker. I hate heels, but I love them,” said Mallette.
Italian scarfs. “When I came back from Italy with these scarfs, everyone complemented me,” said Mallette.

Bloomingdales and small boutiques are on her list of loves. She spoke of one namely, Purdygirl Boutique, where she can always find a cute last minute dress. While Mallette could not recollect the last time she relaxed and treated herself, she definitely revealed the last pair of shoes she purchased.

“I bought these Tony Burch wedges that I love, they’re still flat but sexy,” Mallette confirmed.

After receiving the details on Mallette’s fashion sense, we couldn’t leave out beauty. The secret to her smooth, flawless skin could not go unnoticed. She gives credit to her genes for her clear skin.

“I don’t use expensive creams. I use over the counter products such as Cetaphil and Aveeno moisturizer. I always take off makeup at night. My mom always told me to make sure I apply moisturizer under my eyes and on my neck,” reveals Mallette.

Although her family has generations of great skin, Mallette still has a dermatologist on hand, and recommends you should too. A typical day for her includes a foundation-less face, a strong eye consisting of liner, shadow, eyebrow shading, and mascara, and a neutral lip. MAC holds her favorite eyeshadow and Maybelline Falsies mascara mandates her eyelashes. Since her lips are naturally pink, lip-liner and Chap-stick do the trick. Simple and chic.

“I think your eyes are the most important. It’s first thing people see,” said Mallette.

In Mallette’s mind, comfort stretches a long way through fashion, and we can’t help but to toast our glass to that. Touche!

Check Mallette out on the radio weekdays from 10am-2pm on New York’s Power 105.1fm —— By: JournalisticChic


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