EXCLUSIVE: Jill Scott Talks Firing Trainer After He Told Her She Wouldn’t ‘Sell a Record’

Arguably one of the industry’s most soulfully talented artists, Jill Scott is back with her highly anticipated album ‘The Light of the Sun.’ The R&B songstress, who has been one of the very few artists to fall victim to how the media and industry wants to portray her, is in a great place now and is laughing to the bank at her past obstacles.

“I don’t know if I necessary thought about it because this is all hindsight,” Scott tells Singersroom about her past appearance. “But now that I think about it, I had gotten a trainer because I wanted to have more stamina. The trainer told me that if I didn’t lose weight, I would never sell a record. Of course he was fired [Laughs]. To completely spite him I decided not to – I think I probably gained weight. I was mad! The way I saw it was, how are you going to tell me I can’t? I didn’t appreciate that.”

She continues, “My grandmother’s favorite saying was ‘you can’t hold your stomach in forever’ meaning you can’t be what you’re not forever. Eventually you’re going to have to sit down and open your belt buckle. I think for me I just wanted to be myself and be in the skin I was most comfortable in because I’m a little shy – just a little bit. I have terrible stage fright and I didn’t want to be in clothes that were not my own. By that I just mean I didn’t want to be something that I’m not and pretend all day long. I don’t want to live like that. If I’m going to offer my gift to the world, I have to do it on my own terms and in the way that I feel the most comfortable.”

Her boldness, confidence, passion and poise makes Jilly from Philly a force to be reckoned with. When speaking on the rawness of the new album she told us, “I got naked in front of the microphone.” This album is sure to be the most revealing and open she has ever been. Currently set to hit stores in June, ‘The Light of the Sun’ will soon join the list of classic Jill Scott albums.

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