Roots & Rings: International Style of Hindi Zahri

It has to be natural, Hindi Zahra, said in her seductive Moroccan accented voice as she talked about her style. Hindi Zahra’s spirit and her energy seem to manifest itself from the tip of her fingers to the bottom of her shoes. Her style spoke organically.

As a Berber women, born in the diverse country of Morocco, it’s not hard to see the inclusion in her style. There was a little bit of African passion, European elegance and Arabic mystery in her style. It was hard not to notice her jewelry as she moved her hands magically throughout her show at the Mawazine Festival in Morocco. Singersroom had the chance to talk to Zahra a little about her style. Check it out!

My Style… “It is a mix between traditional African things and more classic Parisian style.”

Shopping Trip… “I go to Berlin, Germany and Oslo, Norway to shop.”

My Magic Mix… “My style is a mix of everything. I buy something nice then I figure out what I’m going to do with it later.”

Putting It Together… “I improvise at home when I buy pieces. It should be natural.”

Music vs. Style… “My music is the same as my style because I show the African and Arabian style.”

Internationally Known Locally Respected… “I got this jewelry I’m wearing from Morocco, Asia and Germany.”
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