EXCLUSIVE: Pebbles Ready to Reveal the First ESSENCE R&B Star

As the time draws nearer for the highly anticipated 2011 ESSENCE Music Festival, the industry’s most decorated stars prepare to hit the stage. Amongst them this year will be a mystery newcomer – the winner of ESSENCE and Pebbles Present R&B Star. On top of making their debut appearance at the festival, the new R&B Star will win a feature in ESSENCE, a one-year contract with KWL Management powered by Kevin Liles, a single song deal with Upfront Megatainment/Universal and so much more.

The backbone behind this movement is none other than one of music’s most influential and respected entities – Perri ‘Pebbles’ Reid. Pebbles recently gave Singersroom exclusive access and a behind the scenes peek at the road to becoming the next R&B Star. Witnessing Pebbles’ unique approach to artist development is reminiscent of her days with the legendary TLC. She told us, “I work hard day in and day out! Sometimes when you work this hard, you make it look easy to others – but this is not easy. So much goes into what we’re doing.”

She went on to say, “Through the boot camp part of the process, the artists grow to the point of artistic maturity and familiarity of the industry. When you see them, they will not be fumbling over things, they will be comfortable with the mic in their hands and comfortable looking you in the eye. I teach them but then I allow them to grow. I’m going to stop, I don’t want to give away all my trade secrets [laughs].”

Singersroom was also able to speak to the contestants briefly as they shared their take on Pebbles and the road to superstardom. One finalist said, “We’ve improved a lot. When I first came here I was really nervous. What people don’t know is Pebbles works you spiritually, mentally, physically and vocally. We have all improved 100 percent. One week at boot camp is worth a lifetime!”

Coupled with ESSENCE, Pebbles and her team of hair and wardrobe stylists, vocal coaches, and image consultants are grooming the next superstar. Pebbles said, “I look them in their eyes and say I got you. I’m not going to allow you to look bad or let you sound bad. I’m going to be your eyes and ears.” Whoever is granted the opportunity to hit the stage in New Orleans on Fourth of July weekend will be more than capable of capturing the audience as if they were a seasoned artist.

For more on ESSENCE and Pebbles Present R&B Star, visit www.essence.com/rbstar for more details.


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