Les Nubians Declare ‘Nu Revolution’ With New Album

Sisters Helene and Celia Faussart of Les Nubians fudges a ‘Nu Revolution’ with their first independent album. The duo had a five year break since their last effort ‘Echos, Chapter One,’ because of label politics and family.

“We separated from our major record company, took care of our kids, suffered the loss of our mother, and wrote new music. It took us almost two years to deliver the new album because we were independent and producing it independently. We took the time to really craft the songs,” Helene stated while talking to The Urban Daily.

Now the group has full control over their artistic vision compared to the past; it feels “great!” says Celia. “Not saying that before we didn’t have freedom – we had it. It was quite marvelous to work with our artistic director, and they were so trusting of us in our music. I would say that we have more freedom,” Helene adds.

For Les Nubians, starting a ‘Nu Revolution’ means “Nü” for New Universe. “The world has changed from super powers to emerging nations. We aren’t living in the same world we were fifteen years ago. We have new rising nations setting up the path of the world, China, Brazil, India, which is very interesting to me,” the group states. The meaning of “revolution” in the title is meant, “Revolution is not so much “revolution.” I believe in evolution…It’s the evolution of our dreams. Rêve and evolution. And in “Revolution” you have “Eve.” I truly believe that that evolution will be carried by women. We’re living in a new time and it’s time to re-balance our feminine energy. So Nü Revolution is all of those things.”

Nü Revolution in stores now!


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