BREAKING: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Welcome Twins

Many congratulations are in order for the couple as they celebrate their fourth anniversary by welcoming a baby girl and baby boy into the world.

At the age of 41, Mariah gave birth to a set of twins (one girl and one boy) at 12:07 PM EST on April 30th in Los Angeles as confirmed by her representative, Cindi Berger, to The Associated Press. The baby girl was born first, weighing 5 lbs 3 oz., and was 18 inches long; her brother was next, at 5 lbs 6 oz., and was 19 inches. Mother, father and the babies are all doing fine, as they all listened to Mariah’s hit “We Belong Together” after the children were born.

Berger also tells AP that Nick drove Mariah, who was calm, to the hospital after experiencing what she thought were false labor pains. Meanwhile, 30-year-old Nick was so nervous that he ended up in the wrong department at the hospital and needed to be guided to the maternity ward by a nurse.

The couple are expected to renew their wedding vows on Sunday after getting married in 2007. The names for the children have not yet been released, but Nick did tell People back in January that the names will be unique, but not over-the-top. “They won’t be crazy names like Carburetor or something,” he promised. “But they’re definitely unique.”

Again, congratulations to Mariah & Nick again on the birth & the anniversary! Can’t wait to see the twins.