Fashion Rules: Work, Play and Worship

It would be great if you could wear the same dress you wore to the club to the office or to church on Sunday, but unfortunately there is a time and place for everything in your closet. If you ever wonder what you can or can’t get away with wearing on Monday morning, Friday night or Sunday, here are a few key fashion rules to abide by.

Work Rules
1. Pay attention to what everyone else in the office is wearing. For example, if everyone wears suits all the tine, you likely should follow suit (pun intended.) If your colleagues tend to dress more business casual, go that route.

2. Be careful about wearing jeans (unless it’s Friday or your office has a laid-back atmosphere.) If you do choose to wear jeans during the week, go for a trouser or dark denim jean, and definitely dress it up with either a blazer, silk blouse or button-up shirt and pumps or hard-bottom loafers.

3. Don’t go to extremes. Excessive jewelry, a too-short skirt or tennis shoes are never a good look in a corporate environment. If you work in a creative field, some of these rules might go out the window.

Play Rules
1. Accentuate your best feature. When you’re going out with friends, you want to look your best! If you’re a female and has great legs, wear a pretty dress or skirt, and or if you’re a male with nice muscles, wear a fitted sweater or shirt to show them off.

2. Be sexy, not trashy. The rule of thumb when going out is to be sexy, but not trashy. If you’re concerned that your cleavage is too much, your skirt is too short, etc., chances are that it probably is. If in doubt, ask an honest friend.

3. Show off your personality. Now’s the time to really let your personality shine! If you love sky-high heels, statement necklaces or designer clothing, flaunt it in your own personal, stylish way.

Worship Rules
1. It’s not a fashion show. When you choose your outfit for church, it should never be about looking better than a fellow member. Remember, the real reason why you’re going to church. Chose an outfit that’s nice, presentable and classy. A nice pair of slacks and sweater is appropriate for a guy, while a knee-length skirt and cardigan is a great choice for a lady.

2. Wear something comfortable. Church service generally lasts for at least two hours or more so it’s important to wear something that you can sit in for an extended period of time. That means leaving your uncomfortable heels, tight dresses and fitted blazers at home.

3. Keep accessories to a minimum. If you choose to wear a hat, you probably don’t need a scarf, and if you want to wear your gold watch, you might want to refrain from wearing a lot of other jewelry. Excessive accessories can be distracting, and again, it’s important to remember that you’re going to church for one sole purpose: to worship.
—— By: Crystal Tate


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