Newcomer K. Michelle Becomes Spokeperson for National Network To End Domestic Violence

R&B songstress K. Michelle has accepted a role as the spokesperson for the National Network To End Domestic Violence. The topic is very dear to the Memphis native because she was in an “abusive situation” in the past.

“That kind of stuff right there, you would never know what that’s like until it happens to you,” K. Michelle tells Singersroom. You just don’t get it, you know you love somebody so much and you think they’re you’re protector, the person you love. They end up being the one you need protection from.”

The upcoming R&B starlet, who has already collaborated with Missy Elliot and toured R. Kelly, is using her voice and presence to uplift women. “When I sing, I tend to do storytelling. I tell exactly what it is that I’m going through and where this song came from. I meet a lot of women and I speak to them a lot about domestic violence and what they need to do. How they need to walk away because you’ll never make it to your full potential of being a diva or being a star if you stay in an abusive relationship.”

One of the points K. Michelle wants to deliver to fans through her actions and music is, “…Chase for happiness because by not having a lot of money at times, you have to [learn to] find inner-peace. I’m looking to be at a place where nothing moves me but positivity, and nothing penetrates my soul but positivity.”

Listen to the single “How Many Times” from her debut album ‘Pain Medicine.’


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