Jagged Edge Talks Staying Relevant and The Pressure to Compete

Armed with an arsenal of timeless hit singles and award-winning albums, R&B quartet Jagged Edge is ready to release another soon-to-be classic for their fans. The group’s upcoming album, set for a summer release, will be their seventh studio album. Singersroom was given the opportunity to speak with the dynamic performers about their forthcoming project.

First up, J.E. tells Singersroom that amidst the pressure to compete with younger artists like Trey Songz and Chris Brown, they still feel their music can stand on its own.

The group says, “It’s competition in a sense but not by design. It’s competition because any business when you put out a product you’re going to compete but I think at the same time I believe that Jagged Edge is its own thing. We can hold our own.”

However, with six previously released albums how does the group manage to stay relevant and keep themselves ahead of the curb? To them the answer is simple: “Well music changes so much that I think one of the keys to our success has been that. We aren’t afraid of change with music. If you want us to sing real fast, we’ll do one or two songs where we sing real fast. If you want Autotune, we’ll do one or two songs with Autotune [Laughs].”

Jagged Edge goes on to say, “I feel like that’s what you can expect from this album as well. Of course, the things people have grown to love us for which are usually our ballads and meaningful heartfelt records will be on the album as well. So we take that and add in all the trendy stuff.”

Change is key with Jagged Edge and has allowed the veterans to stand the test of time. The group speaks on balancing your identity as an artist with the imminent change of the industry in saying, “First of all you don’t want to lose who you are as an artist but at the same time you want to infuse what’s new and what’s different. Every year music grows and goes to different places and you don’t want to be so stuck in who you are and your identity that you forget to add the old in with the new.”


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