Santigold Decodes Meaning of New Song ‘GO’

Brooklyn native, notably outspoken singer, and newest member of Roc Nation, Santigold has never been one to bite her tongue. Pushing a unique sound of electronica, hip-hop, and punk influences, this songstress has always been on the cusp of cutting-edge. Now back with a new single entitled “GO (featuring Karen O)“, Santigold opens up about the song’s double meaning.

“In this song, “GO” has a dual meaning. On one hand it’s a challenge, beckoning any would-be usurpers to come show and prove. On the other, it’s a call to myself to rise to the occasion. “GO” is a “fun” song. It’s playful, but like many of my songs, lyrically it was an opportunity for me to vent. It’s about the difficulties of holding onto what’s yours, everything from your ideas and energy, to your confidence. As artists, we give so much and make ourselves vulnerable. Sometimes it’s hard to stay grounded. You get so caught up in all that you have to do to constantly deliver, then suddenly you realize you’re so far from where you started that you almost don’t remember the way back. And that’s a dangerous thing, in so many ways,” she says.

Santigold speaks passionately about, “guarding what’s mine” when it comes to her musical identity in an industry consumed with quick-fixes. “We are suffering – though many of us don’t know it – as quality becomes a notion of the past. We’re ruining art, our planet, and our health, all due to our newfound obsession with instant gratification, with the short term quick-fix. So, my song’s about all that in a way. I guess I know I work so hard at trying to cultivate my talent. And I get frustrated watching all these people trying to jump on and fake it. Sadly, it works. But not in my song.”

Being this devoted to her music is something the diva says was never an option. “No choice really. It chose me. I even get the impulse to hum when I chew my food.” She adds, “The first song I remember writing was when I was nine-years-old. I had just finished watching the movie ‘Breakin’ and I was oh so inspired. I went and got a pencil and paper, and sat on the floor in front of the TV and wrote the lyrics to my first song. It was called ‘City Streets.'”

Besides her new hit “GO”, Santigold is greatly anticipating the release of her album, “Getting my album out once and for all! So much red tape! Shit, I make music to be heard!” Once the “red tape” is taken care of, be on the lookout for the Roc Nation beauty’s forthcoming studio album.

LIsten: Santigold – Go


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