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The sister gospel duo Mary Mary has a sweet soul that exudes through their personality and sense of style. When the sisters first hit the scene their style was a chic comfortable look, but I noticed a new style emerge with the new album this year. The humble sisters are fashion forward but still has the down to earth staple pieces that defined their style. I’m personally in favor of the more glamorous style.

Erica Atkins-Campbell Outfit (Green)

1. Cream Embroidered Neck Sheer Tee – $80

2. BKE Metallic Belt $20

3. Dockers Petite Pants, Metro Wide Leg – $32

4. Liliana Women’s Armani-10 Sandal – $33

5. Deborah Lippmann Nail Color – $16

6. Faceted Cocktail Ring – $5.80

Tina Atkins-Campbell Outfit (Purple)

1. Patent Leatherette Heels – $25

2. Song of the Nightingale Tunic – $58

3. Oasis Oasis Grace crepe extended tab – $24

—— By: Schnia Roseberry

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