THE ALTERNATIVE: Pooch Hall and Meagan Good Talk ‘Jumping the Broom’ Plus More

On Monday, Tri-Star Pictures in conjunction with 135th Agency hosted “Dinner with the Stars” of the upcoming film “Jumping the Broom” at Strip Steakhouse in Atlanta. The guests of honor were film and television co-stars, Pooch Hall and Meagan Good. In an intimate environment, over wine, mini turkey burgers, lamb chop lollipops, jerk shrimp skewers, grilled vegetable antipasto and more, the stars welcomed an onslaught of questions from local media about the movie and their personal lives.

“Jumping the Broom” takes a hilarious yet thought-provoking look into the collision of two families from different socioeconomic classes. The film, which will be in theatres May 6, features some of black Hollywood’s most noted stars: Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine, Laz Alonso, Paula Patton, Tasha Smith, and of course, Pooch and Meagan.

Hall spoke highly of the film saying, “There haven’t been too many films that are fan friendly and family friendly.” When asked about her decision to play the role of the snobbish Blythe in the movie Good said, “I like playing characters that are very different that come full circle by the end of the movie.”

She went on to say, “I believe that part of my purpose is to change the face of black cinema and to play my role and be on the front line of that. So to me I want to be a part of films that literally change the way people perceive things and the way young folks look at the world. When it does that in a format that isn’t preachy and it doesn’t scare people away, but it still gives it to you and you receive it that’s the best case scenario. For me, that’s one of the main reasons I did this film is because I am a Christian. I love the Lord with all my heart. I want to do things that constantly reflect that and constantly reflect my beliefs. And even though there are things I may do that people think is a contradiction of that, it’s about where the character goes and who the film is going to speak to.”

Good also has goals of being behind the scenes, which she mentioned in addition to her upcoming release of “Video Girl”. “I have a passion and heart for young women. I think it starts with them because they are the backbone of the household. And if we don’t raise good little girls how can they be good to young men and not cause him to be damaged goods. But yea, if you get a chance see ‘Video Girl’, it’s out next month!”

Concerns surrounding Hall’s lack of scenes in the upcoming movie were voiced but like a true gentleman “The Game” superstar shot down all concerns. “Sometimes it’s not about me. I’m very thankful for everyone being behind me and Meagan because in all honesty ‘The Game’ getting love that it’s getting and has gotten has allowed me to be seen and for Hollywood to say ‘Hey let me check this guy out.'”

Hall and Good continued to stress the fact that acting isn’t work them, insisting that if you make a living doing what you love then you will never work another day of your life. Hall smiled and said, “Even if it [my career] were to stop today I could stand up and say I’ve lived.”

After the press dinner, the media was invited to a private screening of “Jumping the Broom”. In other news, be on the lookout for Pooch Hall in the upcoming season of “The Game” and keep your eyes peeled for Meagan Good’s “Video Girl” and her new punk rock band which is slated to release tracks in the near future.


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