Aubrey O’Day Says Dawn Distance Herself From Former Group, Talks Not Sleeping With Diddy

Since Pop/R&B group Danity Kane split in 2008, only Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day have continued on a major success path. In a recent interview, O’Day, who stars in the successful reality TV show ‘All About Aubrey,’ talks about staying in touch with the other girls but says Dawn has distance herself from everyone else.

“Your gonna see Aundrea come on the show, your gonna see us re-unite for the first time since me being fired. Your gonna see us back in the studio, there’s gonna be some drama that goes along with that,” O’Day tells celeb blogger B. Scott. “I’m meeting Shannon on Saturday…we’re having a barbecue at my house, so where reuniting again for the first time. D. Woods and I have always been tight and nobody talks to Dawn and we’ve all reached out.”

She adds: “We’ve all reached out and tried to pave the way and make that situation open and better but I guess that’s something she’s not really wanting to do right now.”

As far as the infamous rumor that she slept with Diddy during her run with Danity Kane and Making the Band, O’Day denies the bedroom romp, insisting she only sleep with men who she sees as a future companion.

“I always ask people when they say that, ‘Where do you get that from? Why are you thinking that?’ and they always say the way you talk to him on the show…you really acted like you have been in bed with him the night before, like you had some privilege or some right to be talking to Diddy like that. I here that a lot from females and it’s interesting to me because as a woman, you should really applaud women that aren’t afraid of speaking their mind and don’t cower in the likes of money and power.”

“I never let his status and I mean he has an amazing status, he’s very wealthy, he’s got a lot of power in the industry…so he’s definitely someone that is undisputable and I’m still trying to make a name for myself but I definitely didn’t make my name in that way.”

“I have sex with people because I love them, because they touch my heart and because I want to potentially see a future with them. Not that it doesn’t go bad, but I definitely don’t approach sex as something fun to do on a Friday night. I approach it with a lot of value, so that wouldn’t be somebody that I would be interested in sleeping with.”


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