Cam’ron’s Killer Female Fashion Advice

Cam’ron has been a pioneer in regards to fashion in Hip Hop for more than a decade. He let the world know that real men wear pink and represented the swagger and style of the Harlem streets. To Cam’ron looks are not everything; you also have to have style and a sense of fashion. If you are worth it he might take the time and money to be your sponsor. Check out a couple of Cam’s DON’Ts:

1. “I don’t care for a Steve Madden shoe.”

2. “I don’t care for Coach. We will not go to the movies if you have Coach.”

3. “I don’t like all red toenail polish. It makes me think you’re 72 years old. I prefer a nice French manicure. I like a French mani or lime green. Red toenail polish makes me think your Louise Jefferson.”

4. “I don’t like feet … no homo. I’ll get you some clean socks if you come in my house and your feet stink. Your feet have to be impeccable for me to like them. I’m not a feet dude… not at all.”

5. “I don’t really like heels in the room because you could get hurt.”

There are girls that could be crazy good but their swag messes up everything!

When he speaks about fashion I guess we all have to listen. Ladies take heed Cam’ron and men like Cam are specific. They know what they want their lady to wear. Or it might even cost you to loss a trip to the movies or even Popeye’s.
—— By: DOC


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