RECAP: Musiq Reveals His Meaning Behind ‘MusiqintheMagiq’ and More

Yesterday, Philly native turned Atlanta resident, Musiq Soulchild, broke bread with journalists at Maggiano’s Buckhead for an intimate press luncheon. The gracious host spoke about his forthcoming album ‘MusiqintheMagiq’ and gave media a behind the scenes exclusive on his sixth album, his motivation for what he does, and what the phrase “the magic in the music” made him realize.

Over an impressive spread of Italian cuisine, Musiq answered questions with honesty, thoughtfulness, and his special brand of realness. When asked about his motivation behind making ‘MusiqintheMagiq’, the light-hearted singer joked, “You mean besides working and making money and getting that check?” Once the laughter subsided, Musiq composed himself and responded that his motivation is, “Staying relevant, staying creditable, and being consistent. Always giving what I can musically to my core audience and introducing myself to other people who may be looking for what I’m doing.”

Never resting on his past accomplishments, the R&B crooner said, “I feel like I have a whole lot more to accomplish musically.” He further expressed that his goal is to remain, “a valid contributor to this legacy of music.”

His debut single from the upcoming album, “Anything” which features Swizz Beatz, is sure to keep him as a valid contributor. When talking about the up-tempo track, Musiq commented, “I don’t want people to be so fixed on the first single and automatically assume that’s the pace for the album. Matter of fact, that’s the fastest song on the album.” He assures fans that this album won’t stray away from the classic ballads and slow-tempo songs that made him famous.

For the ladies, Musiq informs that the entire project is dedicated to women. “I always see myself as a mediator for women. I try my best to articulate a man’s perspective when it comes to being in love or dealing with things of an intimate or romantic nature. This whole project is for the females. It is also for the men too – in the way of me offering them advice, opinions, and options that they may not readily think of at the time,” he says.

What about the title though? Musiq claims it is a play off the cornerstone phrase, “the magic in the music.” He heard the saying and said, “I thought ‘wow’ that would be hot, but I always want to put my own twist on things. Then I associated that with how people talk about the magic in the music in being in the industry, working behind the scenes, and knowing how things work.”

“I realized that I always give credit to pretty much anyone else but I never really own my contribution to my music. So I flipped it to ‘MusiqintheMagiq’ to say: with all the other components that go along with my success, I’m taking this opportunity to own the fact that I may not be the whole thing but I know that I am a very key ingredient in the magic in my music.” He goes on to confidently say, “I know that I am the magic in my music.”

The highly anticipated album is set to hit stores May 3rd.


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