Not Your Average Reality TV Show – The Braxton Family Values Preps Fans For Drama, Family, Love, More

Five sisters but only one spotlight!

Follow the Braxton sisters – Grammy-award winner Toni Braxton, Traci, Towanda, Trina and Tamar along with their vivacious mother Evelyn as they give you a first hand account of their family drama. Not just another reality tv show – ‘Braxton Family Values’ will air April 12th at 9pm on the women’s network, WE tv.

Last night, the cast of the upcoming reality series hosted an intimate screening of the show’s first episode. Afterwards, a no-holds-barred press conference was held where the cast dished about sibling rivalry, marriage horror stories, health issues, Toni’s bankruptcy, finding forgiveness, and so much more.

The event, held at the decadent Aja Restaurant in downtown Atlanta, was the perfect atmosphere to get the inside scoop on this electrifying first season.

First up, what are the Braxton’s family values? “Forgiveness, sometimes you don’t like each other but you have to learn to get along,” says Toni. “Being a singer is what I do for a living but the heart of me is being a family member.”

She goes on about her personal family values in saying, “It is very important to me as a mom who has a special needs child. They don’t talk about the part that the divorce rate is 80 percent because everything is challenged. So family values is very important to me. My parents are now divorced after 35 years. For me trying to hold on to that family unit is very important, but sometimes it’s challenging when you realize you can’t work it out.”

Mom, Evelyn, spoke out about her rocky road to forgiveness with her unfaithful husband. “It takes time to be holy. It takes time to get over a lot of pain and anxiety and disillusion but I’m glad that in this point in my life, because life is too short, I’m learning to let go.”

In the spirit of keeping it real, Toni was asked how she has managed to cope with bankruptcy twice in such a short time span. She responded, “My sisters told me you have to tell your story because no one knows what really happened. Everyone knows I have heart issues but no one knows why. So in the show I reveal why my health problems led to my financial problems, which led to my career choices. I’m going to expose that and I’m a little uncomfortable about exposing personal health issues but it’s true.”

Tamar, came to her sister’s aid and said, “And even on the days that she feels down, we don’t let her feel shamed. If we all have roofs over our heads, she’ll never be without. That’s my sister and I love her to pieces. So if I have a dollar, she has .50 cent of it.” This tight-knit bond goes back to how Evelyn raised her five girls, “One thing I taught my daughters is to be close and love one another. Family is everything.”

Traci says the message fans will get from the show is that, “Every woman is a Braxton girl.” Tamar adds on that, “I think you’ll find yourself in one of us in some point in some episode.”

Lastly, rumors have been circulating for years about the numerous Playboy offers Toni has received. Is she considering it? Toni playfully said “You will find out on the 10th episode. That’s the last episode and you will find out.”

Tune in to see the hilarious antics, cat fights, family drama, and most importantly the love that the Braxton sisters share in their upcoming series.


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