Chris Brown Won’t Have to Worry About Being Jailed

After an incident yesterday (Mar. 22), where R&B singer Chris Brown allegedly cracked a window after getting upset following an interview with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts, many thought the “Look at me Now” star had violated his 5-year probation.

But according to new reports, ABC will not press charges against Brown for vandalizing their property and since there was no victim in the incident, the New York district attorney will not file charges against the entertainer.

Chris Brown may be legally off the hook but his rehabbed reputation with a lot of fans may have returned to where it was two years ago.

A Singersroom visitor states, “What are the redeeming qualities of primitive and recurrent violence? He’s been properly charged and convicted of violent acts, did the rehab and he has again unleashed his Neanderthal demeanor. If found sane, he deserves nothing less than the moniker “FOOL”.”

Another visitor adds, “Please give this child an extended timeout until he proves he can be trusted to not be a danger to himself and others. His behavior is primitive and immature at best.”

In related News, Good Morning America has invited Chris Brown back to the show, despite the tantrum and broken window.

“I wish him the absolute best,” Robin Roberts said on “GMA” Wednesday morning. “We extended the invitation to him [to come back], and sure hope he takes us up on it because I’d sure love to have another chat with him.”

Roberts also adds that Brown new what they were going to discuss before the show went live. “Any time we have a guest, we let them know ahead of time the subject matter and the topics. And even right before the interview I let him know,” Roberts explained again Wednesday on air. “I was shocked like everyone else, because we’ve had a wonderful relationship. I’ve been to his home, he’s very gracious, and we’ve had easy conversation.”


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