Ne-Yo Slams Comments About Not Wanting to Give Beyonce ‘Irreplaceable’

Early this week, news spread like wild fire on the net, after R&B singer Ne-Yo was allegedly quoted saying he regrets giving the hit single “Irreplaceable” to Beyonce.

“One song that I gave away and didn’t want to is Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. I honestly wrote that song for myself. But that song actually taught me a very interesting lesson – men and women don’t actually think that much differently in the grand scheme of things,” Ne-Yo was quoted telling London radio station Choice FM. “However, a man singing it comes across a little bit misogynistic, a little bit mean.”

But the “One in a Million” hitmaker says he was misquoted, crying foul via Twitter.

“Ok. What’s this I hear about me wishing I never gave Beyonce’ Irreplaceable? Y’all ACTUALLY believe I said that? SERIOUSLY? Wow. Aiight,” Ne-Yo says. “Believing everything you read is just as bad as letting somebody run you. Stop letting these media haters and bloggers control y’all. You wanna know ’bout me? ASK ME. You wanna know if I said somethin’ ASK ME. C’mon y’all. I KNOW you’re smarter than that.”

Seeing that “Irreplaceable” made Ne-Yo millions of dollars, I doubt that’s what he meant. Like all other songwriters, I’m sure he wants Beyonce to record all his songs.


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