Melanie Fiona’s Alter Ego Photoshoot to Honor Women’s History, Plus New Album

Beautiful songstress, Melanie Fiona teams up with acclaimed celebrity photographer, Derek Blanks for the “Sistory: I Am Every Woman” campaign for Women’s History Month. Essence sat down with the Grammy-nominated performer about the photo as she says, “I challenge everyone who views this picture to look a little deeper.”

Fiona cites the inspiration behind the project saying, “As an artist, I am inspired by many different things, but the thing I am most honored to be inspired by and to represent is women.”

The campaign and photo, which showcases the singer representing women from every era, is a cause Fiona is very passionate about. “I would not be here, able to live my dreams, if it were not for the courageous women of every era and culture who came before me. I hope this image will spark a new generation of women who are proud to represent our history with vigo and optimism,” she says.

She goes on to say, “In this portait, I am the face of every woman who ever stood, fought or perished for the rights and strength of a progressive cause.”

The R&B sensation also spoke briefly about her sophomore album ‘The MF Life’. The album is a culmination of the ups and downs the singer has experienced as a new artist. “Sometimes life isn’t always so great, but I think that’s the beautiful thing that we need to celebrate. ‘The MF Life’ is that balance, it’s that yin and yang of life. It’s the highs and lows. I’m so excited about it,” she says.

‘The MF Life’ will hit stores this June.


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