EXCLUSIVE: Timothy Bloom Talks ‘Til the End of Time’ and Near Death Experience

Raw talent – that is the only way to describe R&B newcomer Timothy Bloom. His debut single “Til the End of Time” featuring the alluring vocals of V. Bozeman, has been climbing the charts at an alarming rate and Tim recently shared his inspiration for the song with us.

“Well, the inspiration for that song happened last year. I was going through a depression stage. I got a phone call from an ex of mine saying that she had a dream that I passed away, then my brother called me saying he had a dream that I got hit by a train,” Timothy tells Singersroom. “It was just a lot of darkness going on at that time in my life. So I picked up my guitar and V. Bozeman was there and the song just came out of nowhere. It came out because I was in that moment and V. Bozeman was there at the right time.”

Much like Bloom’s soul-bending lyrics, V. Bozeman adds to the intensity of the song and video and, a collaboration that Bloom says was inevitable.

“We’ve been working together for a really long time now – we’ve performed together and she’s a part of my band,” Bloom says. “I’m working on her project right now too so it was really just the perfect moment in time and she’s just a great person and great individual.”

Much like “Til the End of Time,” Bloom exhibits an intense passion when he sings about love, a characteristic he says came on the heels of a life changing experience.

“The birth of my two kids was definitely life changing for me. Also, there was a time where I almost lost my life – I almost had a minor heart attack,” says Bloom. “I just wake up every morning thankful. As far as the physical aspect I’m just trying to take care of myself and being more mindful of what I put in my body.”

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