Adele Readies VH1 Unplugged Premiere, Talks Relationship on 21

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UK R&B songstress Adele’s soul-stirring “VH1 Unplugged” performance is set to debut on online at Unplugged on Thursday, March 3, at 7PM and on VH1 on Friday, March 4 at 11PM. The set includes “Someone Like You,” “Don’t You Remember,” “Chasing Pavements,” “Rolling In The Deep,” and Carol King’s “Natural Woman” made popular by Aretha Franklin.

Adele’s sophomore album, 21, has topped the charts in the UK and will make its U.S. billboard charts debut on February 22nd. While touring in the United States, Adele found inspiration in southern roots for the groundbreaking LP, which is “all about one guy” — an ex-boyfriend, of course.

“It’s the only thing that fascinates me,” Adele, 22, tells USA Today. “I can’t write about other people’s relationships; I’m not passionate about them. I could write about my mum, but she’d be mortified.”

“It was my first grown-up relationship,” she continues. “When you do what I do for a living, you’re put in a sort of bubble, and he burst mine, which was amazing. Everything we did, we did together. Everything I did, I did for him.”

For a sneak peek of Adele’s cover of “Natural Woman,” go here.

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