THE REVIEW: Bobby V’s ‘Fly On The Wall,’ Plus His Conviction to R&B

While many artist claim to be real R&B singers, Bobby V is one of the few that has remained true to the genre. If this dedication wasn’t apparent on his first three studio albums, his forthcoming release, ‘Fly on the Wall,’ will certainly solidify this conviction.

On ‘Fly On The Wall,’ Bobby V says he’s “doing a lot more real singing; really showing my vocal abilities, my range; showing my falsetto.” This sentiment is evident on tracks like the single “Words,” the Tim & Bob produced “If I Can’t Have You,” which boast a static soulful vibration, the falsetto and run heavy “Hang On,” the baby making “Would You Be,” the emotional charged B. Cox-produced “The Right One” and the dynamic and eargasm cut “Outfit,” which will add fire to a bedroom romp.

In an age where albums are sold based around the single(s) popularity, ‘Fly on the Wall’ would make a stronger case if listened to from top to bottom. “I feel like if people here my music…they’ll feel my music,” Bobby V says of the new project. “It’s a lot of real R&B music and a lot of music that you can feel in your soul.”

‘Fly on the Wall’ covers the emotional and physical affections of any relationship; whether you’re trying to meet that special someone, share your feelings of like or just ready to get busy.

“My goal is to continue to make hit records, continue to make albums, continue to grow as an artist and to get in a position where I can help somebody else out,” Bobby says. “I want to get my label Blu Kolla going real big so that I can empower others and teach them about the business because the business is really all politics. And I think that is with any job that you have; it’s about who you know…if they believe in you…if they like you…if they wanna put money behind you.”

With that said, if you’re the person looking for really R&B music, ‘Fly on the Wall’ begs to save the day, which is Bobby’s ultimate goal.

“I’ve been successful thus far; I’m very thankful and very blessed; I thank God every day for the opportunity that I’ve had,” he says. “I’m on my fourth album; whether it sells a million or poo poo, I’m gonna be happy because I’ve done what I wanted to do with my life and I’m gonna continue to work hard; continue to touch the people.


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