Veteran Group Mint Condition Preps April Album, Talks Success Formula

To celebrate their 20th anniversary, veteran R&B group Mint Condition will release a new album in April 2011 via Shanachie.

Lead by the new single “Caught My Eye,” The new project will further ensconce the band as a force to reckon with.

Listen to “Caught My Eye”

“The material on the new CD is inspired by all walks of life. Some of it is narrative-things that actually happened or are happening right now. Some things are fantasy,” The band shares. “But all the things that people feel on the daily is where we always try to go – hopes, dreams, fears, accomplishments and failures…but always we try and find truth in the music and lyric, even if it is fiction.”

Mint Condition (Currently Stokley Williams, Ricky Kinchen, Homer O’Dell, Larry Waddell and Jeffrey Allen) made their debut in 1991 with the album ‘Meant to be Mint,’ which featured the hit single “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).” The group later followed with hits like “What Kind Of Man Would I Be,” “Nothing Left to Say” and “If You Love Me.”

“There are a couple of things we contribute to us weathering the storms. First learning to deal with each other and the challenges that come with different personalities,” Mint Condition says of their success. “You have to respect where somebody is coming from even if you don’t agree. We just try to keep it moving and look at the big picture. Which brings up the second thing, our common goal which is the music!! NOTHING or NOBODY is bigger than that! The music is the star. Being able to share that together as a family is worth more than gold. We had to grow into this and having hits to sustain us long enough to realize it didn’t hurt. We love to perform live. That’s who we are. A LIVE BAND!! When we go to different places, there are always folks who have never seen us and so they end up telling someone else who tells their friend. By the time we get around to that destination again, there are even more folks. It’s in living color…We love to record but being in the moment with your people? Nothing like it!”

Currently, Mint Condition has been doing spot dates on Prince’s “Welcome to America Tour” and they have logged house band duties for TV One’s new show “Way Black When,” debuting in Feb.

Listen to Mint Condition’s new single “Caught My Eye,” plus check out band member Stokley’s feature on Kelly Price’s “Not My Daddy.”


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