LATEST IN COURT: Michael Jackson Threatened to Cancel Appearances Without Drug Help

As the courtroom battle ensues in the case against former Michael Jackson doctor, Conrad Murray, new testimonies shed light unto this grim tale.

Yesterday, California courts heard that Jackson threatened to cancel his string of comeback concerts in London unless he was given sleep aides on the day of his death.

As Detective Orlando Martinez took the stand to testify in the preliminary hearing against Murray, he informed the court that he interviewed the personal physician two days after the superstar’s death.

According to Martinez, the doctor had been actively administering anaesthetic Propofol to the singer six nights a week for the two months leading up to Jackson’s death. According to the Associated Press, Murray claimed he was trying to wean the pop icon off the drug.

Martinez quoted the doctor as saying, “Mr. Jackson began to complain that he couldn’t sleep and that he would have to cancel his rehearsal and cancel his shows if he couldn’t get any sleep since he couldn’t perform.”

“It was an injection to get him to sleep and a slow drip to keep him sleeping,” Martinez said when referencing the dose of Propofol Murray gave Jackson.

According to the detective, Murray claimed to have left for the restroom after the singer was sleep. He returned shortly after to find Jackson not breathing.

Martinez is one of many witnesses that will be called to testify in these preliminary hearings to determine if the medic should stand trial in the involuntary manslaughter of Michael Jackson.


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