2010 Fashion Rewind: Vintage Edition

With artists such as Solange, Jesse Boykins III, Chrisette Michele, and Kimberly Nichole enhancing their wardrobe with classic vintage pieces it is hard to ignore the growing popularity of vintage fashion. Vintage shopping is an opportunity to steal the best styles of the past. It’s like being able to combine the styles of Marvin Gaye (70’s), Michael Jackson (80’s) and Sammy Davis Jr. (60’s) or Diana Ross (70’s) , Teena Marie (80’s) Billie Holiday(40’s) in one. There is a certain magic about finding a time and style that fits you as you search through lines of clothing in vintage stores. Vintage Fashion has become the in thing to do for 2010.

Benefits of Vintage Clothing
1. Originality: Vintage clothing is different. Usually, when you go to your local mall or department store for a special dress or outfit, they have a limited range of styles, fabrics, and colors. Because fashion has not changed dramatically over the past seventy years, older clothing fits today’s fashion. Many times, the latest fashion is just a take of a previous style from a previous decade.

2. Quality: Vintage clothing is often first-rate quality. Luxurious fabrics and incredible hand-stitched clothing is sold at a fraction of the cost that tailors charge today.

3. Personal Style vs. ‘Fashion”: Wearing a vintage garment is like wearing a made-for-you original: No one else will have the same thing and you will know that your garment has more to it than most people realize.

4. Cost Effective: Most people go to malls and department stores today to supply their wardrobes. However, the cost and the quality are not equivalent. The usual prices for vintage wearables are easily compared to the sale prices of department store clothing – or lower!

5. Going Green: Buying vintage clothing gives you more value for your money and ensures that garment doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Singers Jesse Boykins III & Kimberly Nichole Talk Vintage

Incorporating vintage into your wardrobe…

Kimberly Nichole“I usually shop at Vintage Stores and whatever piece or pieces grabs my attention I add it to my collection.”
Jesse Boykins III…”I like to collect. I look vintage pieces as a enhancement in your personal style.

Benefits of wearing vintage clothing…
Kimberly Nichole “Usually a vintage piece is one of a kind, so the likely hood of someone else having it on is very low. That’s a major benefit – because you see people nowadays wearing the same things..duplicating what they may see on someone else that they liked. Wearing a vintage piece almost separates you from that.”
Jesse Boykins III… “The pricing for one, you can find quality that isn’t expensive”

Vintage clothing makes me feel…
Kimberly Nichole…“I love the way women in the 30s and 40s dressed – they had such an air of elegance. When I wear a piece particularly from that era – I feel elegant and regal as well.”
Jesse Boykins III… “I feel as if I have a timeless style. I have a chance to blend what I like from the 50’s ,60’s , 70’s and now all into one.”

Incorporating Vintage in Everyday Wear
The key to incorporating vintage pieces into your own closet is getting a sense of your personal style and what you like. You can have a certain era of fashion that you adore but don’t know how to add into your wardrobe. The best way to wear vintage pieces is to mix and match.

Work wear: You can wear vintage secretary blouses under your suits, custom jewelry, and accessories such as belts and scarves to give you that sophisticated look.

Casual wear: Vintage blazers complete an outfit. You can place a blazer over the outfit of your choice, whether it’s a flirty dress or skinny jeans. Also a vintage leather bag of choice will pull your ensemble together.

Night wear: A great vintage sequin dress or top will help you to stand out of the crowd. If the shine is too much for your taste then you can opt for a statement piece of jewelry or a crafty designed clutch.

Work wear: You can add flavor to your usual work attire with vintage suspenders, bow ties, belts, and tailored blazers. Classic grandfather watches are a plus. If you’re bold enough you can add a pair of vintage buck shoes.
Casual wear: Add a vintage vest to your outfit, and if that’s not your cup of tea then you can opt for a leather men’s bag which is always a great choice and the women will definitely take notice! For all my 80’s babies you can never go wrong with a track jacket under a classic pea coat.
Night Wear: The same rules for your work attire applies to your night wear for the ‘debonair man”. You can add bold colored vintage ties, Kangol hats (My favorite accessory for men.) or any paper boy hat.

—— By: Schnia Roseberry of RewyndVintage


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