EXCLUSIVE: Keyshia Cole Says ‘Look To Someone Else For That Sad Song’

Like Mary J. Blige, R&B singer Keyshia Cole has transitioned from doing all “drama” songs to recording music about love and happiness. The “happy Keyshia” feels honest about her new direction and have no qualms about being vulnerable to her fans. “I think that’s what music is all about. I think that is the reason why there are singers and people out there that express themselves artistically through their music it’s because it allows you to be a voice,” Cole tells Singersroom. “The better the music, the more personal it is. The more personal it is, the better the album.” For the naysayers who want the old Keyshia back, she has some advice for them. “Have they even listened to the album yet? They need to give it a shot. They haven’t even understood the perspective of the album,” she says. “I wrote half of it before I met [Daniel Gibson] so I wasn’t that optimistic about love. But I have met my fiancé, we are engaged to be married and I have a child. I’m not going to say everything is peaches and cream because everyday we grow with each other and learn each other, like any other relationship. I’m not just acting like yo I’m happy and I’m living in the best world possible, that would be unrealistic. But we are very happy and I am very blessed to have him. So if everyone’s saying they’re cool on that, then that’s just what it is. Maybe there’s someone out there that can give you that sad sad song, because it’s not me.” And just like her music spurring happiness, motherhood has brought the hitmaker another stage of life’s blessings. “It has been dramatically beautiful. I’m so blessed to have him,” Cole says about her son Daniel Jr. “I said God always comes on time because at that time I was going through that with family I was so hurt from it. Me being pregnant and coming to terms with myself and understanding that I’m having a baby now. So now I have to give my child everything that I wanted my mom to give me that I didn’t receive.” Read our full interview with Keyshia Cole HERE.


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